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This book is intended to give the reader a no-filler, rock solid understanding of the theories required in day-to-day music making. This is not a method for those who wish to sit 'pen and paper' exams (although it certainly wouldn't be a bad place to start!) and it is intended for serious players who want to take their musicianship to the next level by understanding the theories and musical language used by professional players.


Laurence and Charles Harrison are both classically trained players who felt that their classical theory training wasn't cutting it when it came to developing improvised rock and jazz chops on the guitar. This course is their response to this and contains only the skills which we believe to be essential for playing modern guitar styles. Once this content is internalised, new theories which the player encounters will be easily understood and absorbed.


We hope that teachers will find the presentation and structure of this book a useful curriculum to work through with their students, as we do with ours.


Best of luck in your studies and thank you very much for your support.


Topics covered include:


Reading notation

Tones and semitones

Wholetone scale

Chromatic scale

Rhythm and counting

Major intervals

Power chords

Perfect intervals

Major scale


CAGED System

Chord scales

Seventh chords

Melodic minor scale

Harmonic minor scale

Key signatures

Cycle of 5ths

Labelling chords

Relative minor


Assigning scales to chords

Score reading and phrasing

A Practical Theory Method For Guitar Students and Teachers (117 page PDF)

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