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Proven Success: Listen Below

I work from my home studio, running Logic, and powerful Fabfilter, Izotope and Waves Plugins on a Mac-based system. I have access to many high end virtual instruments for life-like productions and am happy to overdub tracks with acoustic or electronic instruments as a session musician where appropriate (a performance fee may apply for substantial jobs). 


I complete projects efficiently and I am only completely satisfied with them when you are.



Due to the nature of the job, I will only be able to offer you a price when I have assesed the scale of the project. However I can guarantee that you will be pleased by my competitive pricing. 


Please Note:

Although I would love to mix every song that I am sent, mixing is an art which requires preparation time (editing) and because of this I will generally only accept jobs which meet a certain standard of recording quality to save myself having to spend time doing too much remedial work which could be better spent mixing another track. Engineers can only work with the tracks that we are sent, so make sure that you are happy with the quality and performances before you send off your tracks to be mixed. 


I look forward to receiving your tracks!

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