Over 25 Years of Professional Music Education


A little about me...

Born into a musical family, music has always been a way of life for me. Studying with world-class teachers across a range of instruments, genres and disciplines, and always having my father (composer, educator and Cathedral organist, Timothy Craig Harrison) close at hand to help me digest my studies. This crafted my diverse skill set and confidence across the musical spectrum. Growing up surrounded by musical siblings (four B.A.Hons degrees) and friends at all times means that I am confident working in ensemble scenarios, with musicians of all abilities. I began to pay my way with music at the tender age of sixteen, and have since garnered over a decade of experience as a friendly and approachable working musician-teaching, performing, engineering, writing, producing, accompanying, directing etc.



How Can I Help?



Digital Downloads

Lesson packages feature detailed content on the chosen subject. HD video and audio, with examples at several speeds. A PDF document containing full notation, TAB, fingerings and chord diagrams as well as further explanation and extra content where relevant. Yours to download and keep forever and ever, Amen.



The Comfort of Your Own Home

Your personalised 1-on-1 lesson with me. Offered in 30 or 60 minute sessions, we can discuss any topic of your choosing, and lessons are organised and planned before hand to ensure that relevant content is at hand and that non of your time is wasted.



Proven Success

I have been involved in productions with hundreds of thousands of Spotify plays, and have had my production work featured on Spotify’s curated playlists. Get in touch to discuss your production needs, and see if yours could be next!



Touch of Something Special

Need that extra something special in your track? A rhythm part need spicing up? An epic solo on your instrumental track? Jazz guitar lines? I’m sure we can take your track to the next level-let’s chat!

I live and work in the North East of England. My work includes studio residencies, masterclasses, 1-on-1 tuition, session playing, concerts, accompanying and school visits. I am able to travel further afield, and am comfortable and experienced at collaborating via the internet.

"I’m confident that we can take your project to the next level, whatever it may be, and I’m excited to get started-get in touch!”


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